StandFast Outdoors was birthed in 2009 when my son Evan and I purchased our first video camera. Being born in the South, I was raised to be an outdoorsman. Fishing, Hunting, and Camping were a weekly event that my family and I would do on our farm in Alabama.

Many years later after introducing my son to the great sport of hunting, we decided to capture our memories on video. One day while in the tree stand, my son was filming my hunt, I turned to the camera and said “StandFast” several times during the hunt. He said, “That’s it, that can be the name of our show someday.”

Stand Fast is a military term meaning “the order at which all action on the position ceases immediately, don’t move, checkout what’s going on.” That’s how the journey started that we find ourselves on today. What a blessing we have had doing what we love to do…enjoying Gods outdoors with family and friends. Team StandFast is comprised of good friends and most of all dear Brothers in Christ.


The StandFast Outdoors Ministry started in the summer of 2010 with a group of wonderful friends from my church. All of us shared the love of God and the outdoors together and we wanted to minister to those around us. We wanted to teach the youth of our church and community about God while being in the outdoors having fun and to get them off the couch. God doesn’t need an outdoors program, but He does need us to pour out to those around us with the Love that He has shown us. We get to do this in God’s great outdoors.

Reverend Al Atkins